What's going on my beautiful Kings and Queens? My name is Dwain aka DDUB and I was born and raised in the Bronx - the birthplace of hip-hop! ‚Äč

I'm in love with HIP HOP.  I fell in love when I first heard White Lines by hip-hop pioneer, Grandmaster Flash and Furious 5. The story in the lyrics. The thumping baseline. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I just wanted and needed to hear more.

This clothing line was birthed from the very music that I grew up on, hip-hop. It's also the very reason that I named it MEAN6TEEN! True hip-hop heads know what I mean by a MEAN6TEEN. For those unfamiliar, a "mean 16" references the 16 bars of music for one rap verse. When a rapper says something that blows your mind, you may hear someone say that was a "mean 16"! Meaning that it was really great, hot, dope, etc. Get it? Got it? Good...LOL.

So with this line you will not only see inspirational rap lines, fun lines but also some inspirational quotes from yours truly! I'm here to inspire the world to THINK BIG, chase your dreams and promote love while doing it.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and I hope I can inspire you in some way or form to live your best life.


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